A Brief History of Quality Management at METU

The first quality studies at METU started in 2002 with the self-evaluation report prepared for the European University Association. Within the scope of the 'Regulation for Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement in Higher Education Institutions' published on 20 September 2005, the Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Board (ADEK) was established in December 2005 (see: http://adek.metu.edu.tr/). ADEK prepared the previous year's Self-Evaluation Report from 2006 and submitted it to the supreme board 'YÖDEK'. The last self-evaluation report was prepared in 2013 (see: http://adek.metu.edu.tr/adek-raporlari). ADEK ended with the 'Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation' published in the official newspaper on 23 July 2015 and the Quality Commission was established. The first Agency Internal Evaluation Report (KIDR) was prepared for 2015 (see: http://kalite.metu.edu.tr/).

METU started its first Strategic Plan studies in 2004. The 2005-2010 Strategic Plan was prepared with the participation of academic and administrative units.

The Strategic Plan for 2011-2016 was prepared after the Quality Commission and a broad participation study process. Within the scope of the Strategic Planning culture, it is aimed for METU to employ academically high-quality faculty members and to maintain the internal quality stemming from the professional and academic pride of the faculty members. In this framework, accreditations were obtained at the level of faculty, department and administrative unit, and studies for quality monitoring became systematic. In addition, METU, which passed the YÖKAK External Evaluation Process in 2017, passed another quality audit conducted for the monitoring of the evaluation in December 2020. The aforementioned processes are based on the Internal Evaluation Reports of the Institution, which have been prepared annually since 2015.

Representing different disciplines, experiences and stakeholder groups as much as possible in line with the recommendations of the Strategic Planning Area Committees, academic and administrative staff, Dean's Offices, Institutes and administrative units, who took part in the preparation process of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan submitted to the Senate and the University Executive Board at the end of September 2017. It was determined to be. The report in question is the third strategic plan of METU. Our institution, which will prepare the new term Strategic Plan in 2021, has been developing and maintaining its quality management culture and organization for about 20 years.