The Institutional Accreditation Program (IAP) is an external evaluation method that enables the evaluation of quality assurance, learning and teaching, research-development, social contribution and governance system processes of higher education institutions in accordance with the plan-do-check-act cycle. The IAP is conducted by the evaluation teams assigned by THEQC in compliance with the Institutional External Evaluation and Accreditation Criteria and the Institutional External Evaluation and Accreditation Guide. Annually, THEQC determines the higher education institutions to be included in the IAP and forms the evaluation teams in view of the structures of the institutions. During the program, the teams pay two visits (pre-visit and site visit) to the institutions. Each team submits an Institutional Accreditation Report (IAR) in the aftermath of their visits and THEQC issues a final decision regarding accreditation by considering the IARs.

The evaluation process for our University will begin in September.

You can find detailed information and supporting documents (Turkish) about the evaluation process here

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18/08/2022 - 11:42